Digital learning and teaching

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With the rapid development of technology, there is a need for research to keep up with and contribute to the changing landscape of education.

The “Digital Learning and Teaching” research group is dedicated to exploring the role of technology in education. The group's research aims to improve our understanding of how digital tools and platforms can be used to enhance teaching and learning experiences to support the development of evidence-based practices for the effective integration of technology in education. A central theme is also the impact of digital teaching and learning on students, teachers, educational institutions and society. Thus, the group is interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities that come with the integration of technology in education and how these can be addressed. The group conducts research on a range of topics including online and hybrid learning environments, online learning pedagogies, and technology-enhanced professional education and lifelong learning. The group's research approach is both theoretical and empirical, and we employ a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, often in collaboration with partners from other institutions and universities. 

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Christian Stöhr
  • Professor, Engineering Education Research, Communication and Learning in Science