More about Engineering Education Research

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At EER we conduct research and education with a focus on teaching and learning, particularly in higher technical education. We are responsible for Chalmers teachers’ continuous professional development in higher education teaching and learning. 

Our division should contribute to teaching expertise and create the necessary framework for a culture of academic learning. This means that we support Chalmers’ teachers on a scientific basis so that they, in turn, can advance their teaching. We also offer educational science expertise in several Chalmers-wide initiatives and represent Chalmers in higher education and other teaching and learning networks.

We conduct research on higher education in engineering and physical sciences. The focus of our research includes problem-based learning, digitised learning, authentic learning environments, and identity and culture perspectives on engineering education. Part of the research is conducted in collaboration with teachers at Chalmers. We supervise doctoral students in the CLS Graduate School. We are also responsible for supervising doctoral students from other disciplines who choose to broaden their perspective and combine engineering and educational science research, known as interdisciplinary doctoral students.