Educating the educators: professional development of academics for internationalisation at home

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"Educating the educators: Professional development of academics for internationalisation at home" is a project being run by the Department of Communication and Learning in Science (CLS) in collaboration with KTH, Jönköping University, and KU Leuven. The project focuses on what is commonly known as internationalisation at home.

Mapping for understanding - review effects

The project aims to map out the efforts of Swedish higher education institutions in terms of teachers' professional development to promote internationalisation at home, and also critically examine the effects of such efforts on teachers' teaching practices. The project also has a specific focus on internationalisation at home in engineering education in various countries, particularly regarding the effect of teachers' internationalisation work with students.

Overall, the project aims to increase understanding of the central role of teachers in internationalisation and provide effective support for teachers in their ambitions to internationalise programs/courses. This will increase teachers' confidence and engagement in internationalisation, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive learning environment, increased intercultural competence among students, and higher quality education.


The project is funded by STINT, The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education, as part of a special call for proposals in 2022 for knowledge development on internationalisation.

The project is linked to one of the CLS research themes; Internationalisation in higher education and research.

Webinar: Education the educators - recording

On June 12th 2024, some of Europe’s leading researchers in Internationalization at Home gathered for a webinar initiated by CLS. It was a huge success and will have a follow-up event at the end of the project. If you couldn’t attend, you now have the chance to watch a recording.

Contact at Chalmers

Hans Malmström
  • Professor, Language and Communication, Communication and Learning in Science
Becky Bergman
  • Senior Lecturer, Language and Communication, Communication and Learning in Science

Other participants

Lucie Weissova, Jönköping Universitet

Björn Kjellgren, KTH

Jan Van Maele, KU Leuven

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