Research Centres and infrastructures at Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

The department for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering is involved in several research centers in which competence from different areas, other universities and the cooperate sector are connected. 

Research Centres we are involved in

Competence Centre Recycling

Competence Centre Recycling, CCR, is a creative platform for a broad research and development co-operation between academia and industry in the material recycling area. Material recycling and reuse of materials and components are central parts of a resource smart material use in a sustainable society.

Chemical Process Engineering

The centre merges the educational and research activities in chemical engineering, control engineering, bioengineering, fluid dynamics, process analytical engineering, measuring techniques, and applied mathematics.


FibRe is a Vinnova Competence Centre, which is a research consortium between academia, industry and the public sector. The vision is a sustainable society where thermoplastic, fossil-based plastics are replaced by lignocellulose-based materials.

High Temperature Corrosion Centre

High temperature corrosion centre, HTC, is a Swedish competence centre devoted to high temperature corrosion. Our vision is to generate new generic knowledge that helps solve critical corrosion issues, thereby contributing to the development of a more sustainable energy system. HTC is financed by Chalmers and 22 companies.

Competence Centre for Catalysis

KCK is a national interdisciplinary research center. The research is focused on catalysis; for synthesis and production of renewable energy carriers, for reduction of greenhouse gases and emissions, for fuel cells and electric fuels, and for energy-efficient chemical processes. Areas that are crucial for the transition to a sustainable society.

Saint – Swedish Academic Initiative on Nuclear Technology research

SAINT is a competence centre founded by Uppsala University and Chalmers University of Technology. To create a thriving environment for research and education within radiation sciences in Sweden, the centre works for intensifying collaboration within its fields of research, more efficient use of its existing research infrastructure, increasing the recruitment to education within radiation sciences, assisting its researchers in their scientific outreach and facilitating the initiation of new collaborative research projects.

Wallenberg Wood Science Center

Wallenberg Wood Science Center is a research center with focus on new materials from trees. The center creates knowledge and builds competence that has the potential to form the basis for an innovative and sustainable future value creation from forest raw materials.

Research infrastructures we are involved in

Chemical Imaging

A research infrastructure with a primary focus on high lateral resolution imaging mass spectrometry. The infrastructure offers a wide range of tools for analytical questions within materials science, geoscience and life science. The multimodal imaging capabilities makes CII unique in that we have tools and competence for both MALDI and TOF-SIMS.

Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory

Chalmers Materials Analysis Laboratory (CMAL) is a research and user facility providing basic and state-of-the-art instruments with relevance to materials science. It is our vision that the multitude of instruments, professional technical support staff and an excellent research environment will provide unique possibilities for conducting world-class materials research.​ The lab offers a broad park of instruments and tools, primarily in the fields of electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, optical microscopy and atom probe tomography.