Wooden raw material.
Design for Circularity: lignocellulose-based thermoplastics


FibRe is a Vinnova competence centre, which is a research consortium between academia (Chalmers University of Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology), industry and public organisation partners. The vision is a sustainable society where thermoplastic fossil-based plastics are replaced by lignocellulose-based materials.


The FibRe-partners share an interest in using and developing knowledge in designing lignocellulose-based materials, advanced characterization techniques and processing of modified lignocellulose-based materials.

In order to make the lignocellulose-based starting material thermoplastic and maximise this new material’s potential we need to develop competences focusing on (i) new ways to make molecular modifications, (ii) advanced characterization tools to know the structure before and after modification, and (iii) methods to predict the processing of the developed materials.


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