Innovation and societal impact

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Bilden visar nytt material som kan ge fjärrstyrda läkemedel och elektroniska piller.
Nytt antibateriellt material och sårspray
Hand som håller provrör med flytande solenergi
Forskningen om ett nytt material som kan ge fjärrstyrda läkemedel och elektroniska piller har gått från doktorandprojekt till att vidareutvecklas i ett startup bolag. Illustration: Gustav Ferrand-Drake del Castillo

The focus for most of our work is to find new solutions that can make a difference and be useful for society. We cooperate with the industry, public organizations and other universities. New innovations and entrepreneurs are regularly born from our research.

Entrepreneurs and startups

New entrepreneurs and startup companies are generated regularly from research at the department. Chalmers has an innovation system that helps researchers find the development opportunities within their own research, turn ideas into businesses and take care of patents and other intellectual property rights.


Industry collaborations 

Our industry collaborations spans over many different fields, for example forest industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, industrial and material recycling. Through our participation in Chalmers’ areas of advance and through our centers, our research is applied and completely new ideas and solutions are researched.