"Girls Code Club opens up technology to girls and builds confidence"

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Girls Code Club 2023
Girls Code Club 2023
Deltagare Girls Code Club
Girls Code Club 2023
Louise and Stina dive into programming during the Girls Code Club

For the third year in a row, Girls Code Club welcomed girls from high school (gymnasiet) to participate in a three-week summer coding bootcamp.

In addition to programming and data analysis, the participants learned about hacking, listened to lectures from engineers and researchers, and received information about the educational programs offered by Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg.

Stina was one of the roughly 50 girls who participated in this year's Girls Code Club. She has just graduated from high school in the area of Social Sciences and was looking for something new and useful to do during the summer.

“One of the reasons for me to join Girls Code Club was that I am thinking about what I will do in the future and wanted to try something in technology as I have not done this before. What I found most interesting was listening to the presentations by different people who work or study in the subject.”

During the bootcamp, the girls had to work in groups and collect data from different current events, and then present their finding at the Visual Arena.

"I learned a lot about the Python programming language and the history of coding. Girls Code Club made it possible to adjust the level of difficulty according to one's previous knowledge and ability. I also appreciated the great focus on women in technology, both historically and today", says Stina.

Stina would definitely recommend Girls Code Club to others.

“You learn a lot in a safe environment. It opens technology to girls and builds confidence. These three weeks have already helped me in gaining a greater understanding of what a further education in this area entails. That was also my main goal in participating in the boot camp. I have though not yet decided whether it will be technology or something else for me in the future”, Stina concludes.

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Hilda, Matilda, Aya and Solomia were some of the girls who participated in this year's GCC

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