Collaboration between FORCE and SPOC led to a Nature photonics article

FORCE and SPOC built a chip that can transmit 1.87 Pbit/s of data through a multicore fiber.

As global data traffic exponentially increases and that essential core technologies used in data centers are reaching their limits in terms of size and efficiency, other technologies and means will be required and a near future. To meet the demand of high-speed internet, FORCE and SPOC built together a chip offering a photonic-based technology. This chip uses a frequency-comb source based on silicon nitride ring resonator and was able to transmit 1.87 Pbit/s through a 37-core, 7.9-km-long fiber.

The paper has been published in Nature Photonics (16, pages 798–802 (2022)) and received in addition lots of interest from Washington Post.