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Chalmers' social media has something for everyone. Whether you visit us as a prospective student, partner, alumni or just generally curious about what Chalmers has to offer!

We share everything from entertaining Q&A videos about our latest research and articles on societal impact, to recipients of the annual pedagogical award and what our students are up to after graduation.

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Which channel is for you?

Chalmers on TikTok

Here you get a closer look at Chalmers student life, told by our students.

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Chalmers on Instagram

What happens behind the scenes at Chalmers, and who are the people behind all the work? Follow us on Instagram for an insight into what is happening around our campuses.

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Chalmers on Facebook

Here you will find the latest events relevant! Whether it's the latest open house for our programs, lectures on current topics, or collaborations with other universities and businesses.

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Chalmers on LinkedIn

Take part in the network that is Chalmers! From recent breakthroughs to prestigious awards, you get the chance to see what a collaboration with Chalmers looks like.

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About commenting on social media

In Chalmers' channels on social media, we share content about our business. Everyone should feel welcome to comment and participate in the public conversation. Our comment rules are established to create a respectful conversation climate and can be found here.