Project A unified campus at Johanneberg

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Students at campus Johanneberg

In a multi-year project, Johanneberg is developing into Chalmers' unified campus area. On campus, we want to offer students and staff good study and work environments in functional premises. In doing so, we are strengthening Chalmers as an academically forward-looking campus university.

Information about the relocation and the ongoing work is available here. The information will be updated as the project progresses. So far, many details remain to be investigated and decided.

Work in progress

  • Project planning is underway for new teaching facilities in Chalmers Teknikpark, with the aim of being put into use in the autumn semester of 2025. The plan is to procure a contractor for the renovation before the summer.
  • The work of finding suitable premises at Johanneberg for student divisions that will move from Lindholmen is now entering a deeper phase.
  • The work to find suitable premises for new study places continues, ranging from group rooms to quiet reading rooms. There are plans for about 250 new study places in the main library and about 150 new places in the MC2 building. Suitable facilities for heating and eating home-cooked meals are also investigated.
  • In-depth impact and risk assessments are carried out with a focus on students and employees.
  • The project initiates and continues the dialogues about premises with departments that have operations and employees at Lindholmen.
  • In summary, the work in Phase 2 is progressing according to plan. Subsequent phases have not yet begun.

A campus for all students

Since the mid-1990s, Chalmers University of Technology has conducted higher education at both Johanneberg and Lindholmen in Gothenburg. Over the years, plans to create a unified campus area have evolved. In February 2023, the university, in consultation with the student union, among others, decided that Johanneberg will become Chalmers' unified campus.

On Campus Johanneberg, there is already a well-developed infrastructure for education that we want to develop further and share with all our undergraduate students. There are also synergies in gathering teaching in one vibrant campus area. For example, it provides better opportunities for joint studies, collaboration and community, both for students and teachers.

In total, approximately 2,500 educational programme places and 250 employees will relocate from Lindholmen to Johanneberg. The goal is for the Johanneberg campus to be ready in the autumn term of 2025 to accommodate all undergraduate students. The remaining relocation is expected to be completed by 2029.

Many details remain to be investigated and decided. It will take some more time before we know, for example, exactly in which premises each programme will have its teaching from the autumn semester 2025.

Lindholmen gets a stronger profile towards collaboration

Chalmers will remain at Lindholmen. Our operations at Lindholmen will gain a stronger profile towards collaboration with industry and society. It will thus be an important venue aimed at innovation and company-integrated research and education.

Phases on the road to a unified campus

  • PHASE 1: A pre-study, in 2022, provided a basis for a policy decision
  • PHASE 2: Planning and design, 2023–2024 and 2023–2029 prior to implementation, in short- and long-term plans/sub-projects
  • PHASE 3: Implementation, 2024–2025 and 2028–2029, where moves are staggered, as well as short-term measures to address challenges along the way
  • PHASE 4: Further development, 2025–2041 onwards, focusing on long-term measures, quality assurance and continuous quality improvement

How the work is organised

Working groups within phase 2, Planning and design:

  • Relocation/placement of operations (sub-groups within departments)
  • Learning environments – teaching halls, study areas, technology sections
  • Scheduling – principles, IT tools, modelling
  • Premises utilisation and finances – key performance indicators, cost management/distribution