AI, biotech and genetics in the future

​Modern technology provides new conditions for biotechs and genetics and with the help of AI one can build robots to fully automate the scientific research – from forming a hypothesis to executing the experiment and to analysing the results. But how do you ensure that it is acceptable? What ethical challenges must be taken into account? This and much more is discussed in an exciting online seminar hosted by Chalmers.

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  • Max Tegmark, professor of physics at MIT, USA, cosmologist and machine learning researcher, author of many books and talks. He will talk about AI is no longer science fiction; is it likely that we will create superhuman intelligence?  How should our judiciary handle autonomous systems? How does automation work? 
  • Ross King, professor at Chalmers with research focusing on machine intelligence. He will talk about “DNA Supremacy: The Potential of DNA-based Computation”. Will the professor also introduce us to his robot Eve?
  • Elin K Esbjörner, Associate Professor at Chemical Biology, FoRmulaEx research centre on RNA delivery. Elin will present present how she works to develop tools and technologies that can improve mRNA delivery by tricking cells to take in this promising therapeutic cargo.  
  • Stefan Jansson, professor at Umeå University, works with plant biology. He will talk about how CRISPR-Cas – the genetic scissor – is used to modifiy the genome of plants and other organisms.

All speakers will participate in a following panel about research ethics, moderated by Helena Stålnert, communication advisor and former news anchor at Swedish Television.

Category Meeting; Public lecture; Seminar
Starts: 14 October, 2021, 17:00
Ends: 14 October, 2021, 19:00

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