Nautical Operations Studio

Our Nautical Operations Studio (NOS) consists of six desktop bridges from Kongsberg, with four 24-inch screens, two for visual view and nautical instruments, and two that can be used as radar or ECDIS.

One bridge is used as the instructor and on the other five stations the instructor program can also be run to build or run the exercise locally on each bridge. There are also ten stations for various applications such as PORTSIM, SMHI "weather routing", etc.

Our studio for basic training is used in:

  • Terrestrial navigation in daylight, darkness, and fog.
  • Navigation instruments such as GPS, AIS, gyro and magnetic compass, autopilot and a visual channel for comparison with the outside world.
  • "Weather Routing Lab" for the planning of an ocean trip with regard to weather, wind and waves.
  • Radar and ARPA training in understanding and intepreting radar image and plotting.
  • ECDIS training (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) at Kongsberg ECDIS.
  • Operation and planned turns running both in Kongsberg desktop simulator and SSPA simulation software PORTSIM.

The basic training continues in BOS - Bridge Operations Simulator. All training is conducted in accordance with the STCW-95 as amended.

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