Accepted incoming exchange student – Welcome!

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Beautiful spring day at Chalmers

We are very glad that you have chosen to spend an exchange semester or year at our university. Every year we are welcoming around 600 incoming exchange students from all over the world, and we are dedicated to doing our best to make your stay at Chalmers as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.


We want to make sure you get a good start to your stay and so we would like to invite you to join the reception held for new students. Chalmers arranges a reception two times a year for our international students who arrive in January and in August. In January it is smaller event, Orientation Day. In the autumn it is a larger event called the Orientation week which Chalmers arranges together with CIRC (Chalmers International Reception Committee). This is our common way to welcome all new students and help you into your life at Chalmers.

Dates and more information on the Orientation is found here

Practical information for new students

Prepare your studies at Chalmers. Below we have collected the practical information that you need to get started with your time of study at Chalmers in the best way. The information below applies for you who are an incoming exchange student.

Before arriving for your exchange

When you have arrived

Once again, you are very welcome to Chalmers and we hope that you are going to have a nice time in Gothenburg!

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Your computer account at Chalmers is valid for 6 months after you have finished your studies at Chalmers. Please note that when these 6 months have passed, you as an incoming exchange student have been assigned an international coordinator at Chalmers who can help you with academic and practical matters during your semester(s). If there are any questions you are most welcome to contact us.

Contact details to your coordinator