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Your degree certificate is proof of your degree, but there will be times when an employer or another higher education institution will want to check that the certificate is genuine – they will want verification of your degree. This can be done in various ways. If you have a login to Ladok for students, you can allow them to verify your degree by sharing your degree with them or creating an official transcript of records. Sometimes they may have particular requirements as to how a copy of your certificate should be sent. Establish exactly how you need to verify your degree. The Office for Degrees can always verify your degree by email or telephone.

Verify your degree using your degree certificate

…with your own copy

The information shown on your degree certificate states which degree you have and what courses were included. A copy of your degree certificate will often suffice to verify your degree. You must not part with your original. If you should need to provide further proof, there are various ways of doing that. Read more on Degree certificate and Diploma Supplement

…with a copy certified by Chalmers

To show the whole of your degree certificate and the courses included in it, you can request a copy that is certified by Chalmers. You do this through the service Order copy of degree certificate. It will be sent by post.

Sometimes, they will want a copy of your certificate to be emailed directly from us or for us to send them certified paper copies in a stamped unopened envelope. Establish what is required in your case.

Share your degree using a code

If you have an active login to Ladok, you can share information on your degree by collecting a code in Ladok for students. Then, anyone who has access to the code and your personal identity number will be able to check your degree and what courses were part of it in Ladok. The same code can be used multiple times and for multiple recipients.

If you were awarded your degree from Chalmers before May 2018, the courses included in your degree are not visible when you share your degree in this manner, but it will be possible to see what degree you have, when it was issued and when your studies were completed.

To share your degree:

  • Log in to Ladok for students and navigate to Degrees and certificates
  • Select Share certificate
  • Send the control code to your intended recipient(s)

For the ones you've shared the code with to verify degree information:

Verify using an official transcript of records

…using a validation code

If you have an active login to Ladok for students, you can save a PDF yourself or print out an official transcript of records showing your courses. Degrees that have been issued can also be shown in the transcript, but the courses that were part of the degree are not visible. You can choose which courses are to be shown. The transcript can be printed out either in Swedish or in English. It is also possible to print out a national official transcript of records if you attended several higher education institutions in Sweden. The transcript gets a validation code that can be verified by others in Ladok. 

Verify transcript in Ladok

…certified by Chalmers

If you are not able to log into Ladok for students, the Servicecenter can help by providing you with an official transcript of records. They can also certify a transcript if that should be required.

Verify by email or telephone call to the Office of Degrees

As of when your degree has been issued in Ladok, even before the degree certificate has reached you by post, the Office for Degrees can verify it. An employer, recruiter or another higher education institution is always welcome to contact the Office of Degrees by email or telephone to have your degree directly verified by us.

Apostille – legalisation of your degree certificate

A legalisation is a stamp that certifies that the signature on a document is genuine. Sometimes you may need to legalise Swedish documents that are requested by or have to be presented to a foreign authority. Usually an apostille, which is the most common form of legalisation of documents, is sufficient. To get an apostille stamp on your document, contact a Notary Public.

If legalisation is required by the Swedish Government Offices, please contact the Legal Department at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Utrikesdepartementet). Read more about the legalisation of documents of value on Utrikesdepartementet’s website.

Legalisation of your document 

Verify your studies before a degree is issued

Even if your degree has not yet been issued, you may need to verify your studies or that you are a student. In Ladok for students you can create an official transcript of records or a certificate of registration yourself. If you are unable to log into Ladok, you should contact Servicecenter for an official transcript of records or a certificate of registration.

Official transcripts of records and certificate of registration

Official transcripts of records can be used to show your study results to an employer or another higher education institution. An official transcript of records shows your courses and results, and if you have been awarded a degree, you can choose to have it show as well.

A certificate of registration shows which courses you are or were registered for with the semesters involved. It can be used when you need to show that you are or have been a student at Chalmers.

An official transcript of records (resultatintyg) or certificate of registration (registreringsintyg) can be issued in Swedish or in English.

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Verification of education and degrees relating to a former student

Chalmers uses the national student administration system Ladok to document our students’ study results and degrees. Each degree that is issued is printed out as one original on paper, which is sent to the student; but before it is sent, we take a copy, which is kept in our archive. The Office of Degrees can verify degrees that have been issued by looking at Ladok or checking the archive. Students can also share their degree themselves or print out an official transcript of records of their courses and degrees with a validation code that you can check. You can also request a copy of the student’s degree certificate. The Office of Degrees can answer questions raised by email or telephone.

Has the student shared their degree with you?

If a student has shared their degree with you, you can verify it yourself in Ladok. You can access information relating to the degree using the student’s personal identity number and code. For degrees issued after May 2018, you can in addition to when it was issued and when the studies were completed, also see the courses included in degrees from Chalmers.

To verify degree information:

Verification of an official transcript of records

If you have obtained an official transcript of records printed out from Ladok, there is a validation code and link at the bottom of the page. You can obtain confirmation that the official transcript of records is genuine from the link below.

Request a copy of a degree certificate

If you want to see a degree certificate relating to a former student, or you have received a copy that you want to compare with the original, you can request a copy of the certificate from our archive.

Ask the Office of Degrees

If you send an email to the Office for Degrees you can obtain an answer as to what education the student has had, whether they have been awarded a degree, when their degree was issued and when it and the courses involved were completed. We can also verify education that has not yet led to a degree. You can also call us.

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