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As an alum you are important to Chalmers. We hope that you want to stay in contact with us after graduation, regardless of where you are in the world. With this in mind, we have compiled information about how you can stay involved in your university, develop in your professional role and meet other like-minded alumni. As a "chalmerist", you are our ambassador in Sweden and the rest of the world.

Your experiences of studies and jobs are valuable to us and our students. With your experiences, we can show current and future students what education at Chalmers can lead to. As an alum, you are an asset to us in the form of contacts with the world of work. It helps us to find work placements and degree projects for students but also to develop research collaborations.

It was gratifying to have that network behind you, with friends who are good at so many different things.

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Stay in touch

You are now a key part of a network that not only spans more than 120 countries, but also includes alumni associations, interest groups and professional contacts in those locations.

Alumni network portal

We very much hope that you will register yourself in our alumni network, thereby joining about 25,000 alumni who have already registered. This is a free database through which you can register for exclusive events and obtain news about what is happening at the university.

By having an updated profile in the alumni network portal, you receive information directed at you and where you currently live or work.

Some of the advantages of being in our alumni network:

  • Invitations to exclusive alumni events such as breakfast seminars and reunions.
  • The Alumni newsletter
  • Offers of skills development and further education that will boost or broaden your career.
  • Information on current scholarships.

Alumni Network portal

Log into the Alumni Network portal to activate your account or update your details.

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Professional development

Professional development plays a critical role in ensuring you remain competitive and relevant in today's rapidly changing job market. We offer courses that not only strengthen your professional skills but also open doors for personal growth and networking.

Further education after graduation

As an alum, you have several different opportunities for further education here at Chalmers. From freestanding courses, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), commissioned education for working professionals

Develop your skills with Tracks!

As an alumn, you can apply for Chalmers Tracks courses. Companies and organisations can in some cases use Tracks courses as fee-based professional education, please contact for more information.

Get involved

These offers help you to develop in your professional role but also to establish new contacts with other alumni or students. Whatever your location and however much time you can afford to give, there are several opportunities for you to get involved and inspire young people, students or other alumni.

Mentorship programmes

Mentorship at Chalmers aims to support the students’ professional and personal development as well as create good contacts between students and the business community. This can be summarised in the following points:

  • Facilitate students’ transition from academia to business
  • Create conditions for students to make informed choices
  • Give students and mentors the opportunity to create networks
  • Lead to personal and professional development for both students and mentors
  • Give mentors understanding of what Chalmers is like today

Why you should be a mentor

Besides helping a student with career choices and personal development, there is a lot that you as a mentor can get out of a mentorship programme, such as:

  • Becoming a better coach and improving your ability to help others develop.
  • Good opportunities of expanding your personal network among students other mentors.
  • A good opportunity for recruitment to your own company.
  • A chance to return to Chalmers and be updated about new developments at the university.

Available mentorship programmes:

Cecemony in Runan

Alumni associations

After leaving Chalmers, you have the opportunity to get involved in one or more of the associations for everyone who has studied or worked at the university. The associations give you an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with former classmates, socialise and become involved after your studies. There are associations for various groups and special interests. Hopefully you will find an association that interests and suits you.