Collaborate in education and with students

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Students collaborate

We want to give our students the best possible conditions for assimilating the teaching with a clear link between theory and practice. Chalmers therefore collaborates with industry, commerce and society in various ways. One key aspect is to give the education a clear connection with working life.

Facilitate the transition from studies to working life

Do you represent a large or small business operation? Would you like to get involved in the education? There are several ways of contributing! Programmes and courses include various opportunities:

  • Be a visiting lecturer
  • Be a supervisor for a student
  • Demonstrate career paths
  • Events and activities, such as lunch seminars
  • Exercises/cases
  • Laboratory work/exercise leader
  • Mentorship – be a mentor for one of our students
  • Offer Bachelor’s theses/degree projects
  • Offer study visits
  • Organise or participate in alumni gatherings
  • Programme advisory teams – influence the design of the programmes by participating in programme advisory teams. This is an opportunity for external parties to contribute to the development of the education.
  • Projects/project courses
  • Seminar/workshop
  • Submit proposals for exercises/cases
  • Take part in projects/project courses
  • Thesis/degree project evenings

If you would like more information about how you can collaborate on education issues, please contact our heads of programmes. 

Fuse Box, a large room in chalmers makerspace
In Chalmers makerspace Fuse you can find large flexible areas for exhibitions, events, collaboration projects and more.

Collaborate with Tracks

Tracks is a unique concept within Chalmers’ educational offering and is conducted with a connection to society around us. The Tracks courses are elective and do not belong to a specific department or programme; students and alumni are welcome to apply regardless of their educational background. Certain Tracks courses are also available for employees who wish to develop their competence as part of Chalmers’ Professional Education offering.

Tracks offers interdisciplinary courses, on which the participants gain knowledge by working together to tackle real problems of importance to society. Many of Tracks courses are held in Chalmers Makerspace Fuse, which contains modern learning and research environments and labs where you as a company representative can collaborate with researchers and students.

The format also includes close cooperation with external actors and companies, who are welcome to participate in and contribute to the courses. Do you want to know more, collaborate with Tracks or submit proposals for the content of a course? Perhaps a skill that you think today’s engineers lack?

Contact the leader of Tracks:

Become an idea partner for entrepreneurial students

Within the master's program Entrepreneurship and Business Design, students spend their final year running and developing real innovation projects.

The projects can result in a start-up company with Chalmers as co-owner together with the students and an idea partner. The incubator Chalmers Ventures is responsible for identifying ideas and idea partners. Read more about their process here.

The other alternative that exists is projects regarding processes and working entrepreneurially within an established organization. The project work is carried out within the so-called "Entrepreneurial Leadership Lab", which involves a collaboration between researchers/teachers, students and an external organisation.

Offer degree projects and jobs

Offer degree projects and jobs

In their final semester, all students do a degree project. The degree project is an important opportunity for students to apply their knowledge to a real problem and it serves as a springboard into working life