Onsala Space Observatory Division

The Onsala Space Observatory division includes the Swedish National Infrastructure for Radio Astronomy and the research units Advanced Receiver Development (GARD), Space Geodesy and Geodynamics. 

Some of the telescopes in Onsala.

Our goal is to provide provides scientists with observational resources to study the Earth and the rest of the Universe.

  • The observatory operates several radio telescopes in Onsala, and is a partner in several international telescope collaborations.
  • We develop receivers for the observatory's telescopes as well as international projects in the research fields of radio astronomy and geoscience.
  • We work with the development of advanced scientific instruments, which are used in radio astronomy and environmental research.
  • We perform measurements and analyse these to e.g. determine movements in the earth’s crust, earth rotation parameters, the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere, and changes of the gravity field. 

Onsala Space Observatory

Onsala Space Observatory is the Swedish national infrastructure for radio astronomy.