Energy Technology

We strive to identify resource-efficient and competitive technologies, as well as sustainable transformations pathways for the energy, transportation and heavy industry sectors. We combine practical research in energy conversion processes with a systems level approach, and participate in many national and international projects.

Chalmers Power Central
The Chalmers Power Plant, with its twin chimneys, is a prominent feature of the Chalmers skyline.

We conduct research and offers educational training in the areas of energy technology and energy systems. Ongoing projects and activities cover a broad spectrum of issues related to improving efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of energy conversion and usage in a wide range of sectors. The Division is also the host of the research infrastructure Chalmers Power Station, which plays a central role in our research activities.​

Our research aims at identifying resource-efficient and competitive technologies and transformation pathways that will enable the energy, energy-intensive heavy industry and transportation sectors to comply with ambitious international sustainable development goals. An important characteristic of our research is the combination of system level activities with in-depth development of energy conversion processes, as well as participation in a large number of national and international research projects.

Research areas

Thermal conversion process​es​

Experimental technical research with focus on thermal conversion processes and technologies for complete conversion of feedstock to products with ultra-low emissions, including: Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC), Fluidized bed technologies for combustion and gasification applications, Oxy-fuel combustion, Novel gas cleaning technologies, combined energy and materials recycling and industrial combustion applications.

Diagnostic measurements​ and modelling

On-site industrial research in support of compliance with stringent emissions regulations.

Modelling and an​alysis of energy systems

Model-based energy systems analysis for supply, distribution and demand of grid-based energy carriers​​.

​Process ​Integration and Process Systems Engineering (PSE)

Developing tools for analysis and conceptual design of carbon-neutral and resource-efficient industrial processes.