Approved projects Fibre

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Project 1: Assessment of the homogeneity of chemical modifications aimed for thermoplasticisation of cellulosic fibres

Principal Investigator: Per Larsson and Lars Wågberg
Post-doc: Cecilia Fager
Duration: Closed project

Project 2: The potential of lignin as a sheer plane enabling thermoplasticity in lignocellulosic material – a survey of state-of-the-art​

Principal Investigator: Ulrica Edlund, KTH
PhD Student/Postdoc: Liming Zhang, KTH
Duration: May 2020-Dec 2020

Project 3: The potential of lignin as a sheer plane enabling thermoplasticity in lignocellulosic material – a survey of state-of-the-art

​Principal Investigator: Ulrica Edlund, KTH
PhD Student/Postdoc: Liming Zhang, KTH
Duration: Closed project

Project 4: Prediction of thermoplasticity in ligncellulose-based materials with the use of simulations

​Principal Investigator: Mikael Hedenqvist
PhD Student: Patric Elf
Project duration: 4 years starting spring 2021

Project 5: DNP-NMR of thermoplastic cellulose materials

​Principal Investigator: Lars Evenäs (Chalmers), Staffan Schantz (AstraZenecea) & Leif Karlson (Nouryon)
PhD Student/Postdoc: Hampus Karlsson (Postdoc)
Duration: Closed project

Project 6: Can a minor polymer phase impart thermoprocessibility into lignocellulose-based materials?

Principal Investigator: Eva Malmström, KTH
PhD Student: Adrian Eliasson, KTH
Duration: 4 years starting spring 2021

Project 7: How modification of lignocellulose materials influences susceptibility to degradation in different environments?

Principal Investigator: Minna Hakkarainen
Postdoc: Nejla B. Erdal
Duration: Closed project

Project 8: Soft, highly swelling fibres by alkali-activated chemical modification

​Principal Investigator: Per Larsson, Lars Wågberg, Gunnar Westman
PhD Student: Johanna Sjölund, KTH
Duration: 4 years starting autumn 2021

Project 9: Plasticization and partial depolymerization of lignocellulosebased materials

Principal Investigator: Anette Larsson, Chalmers
Co-Principal Investigators: Ulrica Edlund, KTH och Gunnar Westman, Chalmers
PhD Student: Åke Henrik-Klemens
Duration: 4 years, starting September 2021
Reference Group: Stora Enso, Tetra Pak, Lantmännen, BIM Kemi, Nouryon & Essity

Project 10: Enabling technologies and knowledge for utilizing wheat straw as a lignocellulosic feedstock for thermoplastic materials

Principal Ivestigators: Ulrica Edlund (KTH), Annelie Moldin (Lantmännen)
PhD Student/Postdoc: Nazmun Sultana
Duration: Closed project

Projet 11: Bridging small- and large-scale processing – properties of specific importance for lignocellulosic materials, and the generation of a process- and property database for biobased materials

Principal Investigator: Anna Ström and Mikael Hedenqvist
Postdoc: Bahiru Tsegaye
Duration: Closed project

Project 12: Effect of moisture on processing of dialcohol cellulose affecting design of processing equipment?

​Principal Investigators: Anette Larsson, Chalmers, Giada Lo Re, Chalmers, Per Larsson, KTH, Jan Wahlberg, Tetra Pak
PhD Student/Postdoc: Katarina Jonasson
Duration: 2021-05-01 – 2026-05-31

Project 13: Melt processability of modified cellulose fibres

Principal Investigator: Per Larsson, KTH
Co-Principal Investigator: Giada Lo Re, Chalmers
PostDoc: Emile Engel
Duration: Closed project
Reference Group: Tetra Pak

Project 14: Design of moisture sensitive bio-based oxygen barriers by correlating the molecule structures to the functionality of the materials

​Principal Investigator: Anette Larsson
Co-Principal Investigators: Gunnar Westman, Christian Müller
PhD Student/Postdoc: Robin Nilsson
Duration: Closed project

Project 15: Nanostructured materials from tailor-made polymeric nanoparticles and cellulose nanofibrils

Principal Investigators: Eva Malmström, Lars Wågberg, Stephan Roth
PhD Student/Postdoc: Åsa Jerlhagen
Duration: March 2021 – March 2025

Project 16: Thermoplastic films from arabinoxylan

​Principal Investigator: Anna Ström, Chalmers;
Co-​Principal Investigators: Mikael Hedenqvist, KTH, Anette Larsson, Chalmers, Fabrice Cousin, LLB (France)
PhD Student: Ratchawit (Leo) Janewithayapun
Duration: 4 years, starting September 2021
Reference Group: Lantmännen and Tetra Pak

Projekt 17: Rheo-SAXS

Principal Investigator: Roland Kadar
Post-Doc: Marko Bek

Projekt 18: ProDAC

PI: Anette Larsson
Co-PIs: Per Larsson, Giada Lo Re
PhD Student: Nivedgitha Venkatraman

Project 19: Under construction

Project 20: Under construction

Project 21: Review of the pore structure of the fibre wall and means of changing this structure

Principal Investigator: Lars Wågberg, KTH
PhD student/PostDoc: No extra person in this first phase
Duration: Three months full time starting September 2022
Reference Group: The initial phase is a literature review and possible groups will be formed Ad hoc.

Project 22: Under construction

FibRe Project 23. Thermoplastic wheat straw lignocellulose

Main PI: Ulrica Edlund (KTH) and Annelie Moldin (Lantmännen)

Participating PIs: Anette Larsson (Chalmers), Lars Wågberg (KTH)

Industrial partners: Lantmännen, Tetra Pak, Stora Enso, BIM kemi

Project type: Postdoc-project                                            

Duration: 01/2024 – 01/2026 (24 months)

Post-doc: Guillaume Rivière

Project 24: Biodegradation of chemically modified cellulose fibres

Principal Investigator: Minna Hakkarainen
PhD student: Celine Aarsen (3 months)
Duration: 20240201-20240831 (parttime)