About FibRe

The vision of FibRe

Our vision is a sustainable society where thermoplastic fossil-based plastics are replaced by lignocellulose-based materials.

What will FibRe do?

FibRe aims to undertake several approaches to pursue minimal chemical modification of the lignocellulose to comply with efficient atom economy, and where the final material still is degradable under biological conditions.

FibRe also aims at developing novel or improved characterization methods to allow for accurate characterization on various length scales to reliantly describe where a chemical modification has taken place and what effect the modification has on the material properties.

Further, FibRe will develop novel scientific understanding regarding thermal processing of lignocellulosic materials and their modified counterparts. As an ultimate goal FibRe aims to develop novel methods that based on the materials structures allows prediction of process parameters to increase the processing efficiency.

How will FibRe do this?

FibRe suggests a new way of working. In FibRe, all project partners, industrial as well as academic, work in an integrated way with short communication pathways and frequent interactions. By the holistic project approach, we strive to become the first choice for any academic or industrial partner interested in thermoplastic lignocellulose-based materials.​


FibRe is operationally run by the Centre Director together with the Management Team. The Centre Director reports to the Board which is appointed by the Centre parties at the General Assembly. The International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) consists of world leading researchers in relevant fields, appointed to assess the relevance of the scientific programme and individual projects as well as the scientific quality of the results. The Scientific Development Group is also reporting regarding strategic matters regarding the boundary conditions and scientific achievement.


Operational management group team

  • Anette Larsson, Chalmers
  • Eva Malmström, KTH
  • Camilla Johansson, Chalmers Industriteknik
  • Per Larsson, KTH
  • Anna Oskarsson, Chalmers
  • Christina Sjögren​, Chalmers


  • Aleksandar Matic, Chalmers
  • Lars Wågberg, KTH
  • Roland Kádár​, Chalmers


  • ​Maria Abrahamsson, ​Chalmers tekniska högskola AB
  • ​Anders Brolin (chair person), ​Stora Enso AB
  • ​Helena Fredriksson, ​Lantmännen ekonomiska förening
  • ​Hanna Härelind, ​Chalmers tekniska högskola AB
  • ​Mats Johansson, ​KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Rolf Edvinsson​, ​Nouryon Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB
  • ​Mats Qvarford, ​Tetra Pak Packaging Solutions AB
  • ​Heino Kuusk, ​BIM Kemi
  • ​Golaleh Ebrahimpur, ​Stiftelsen Chalmers Industriteknik

​Adjunct members ​

  • Anette Larsson, director ​Chalmers tekniska högskola AB
  • ​Eva Malmström, v director ​KTH Royal Institute of Technology