Chalmers as an employer

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Chalmers has around 11,000 students and 3,000 employees. We have two campuses, both centrally located in Gothenburg. As a university of technology and science, our mission is to produce and spread knowledge, expertise and solutions that benefit everyone, both individuals and society. As a university and a recognised, attractive partner, we and others can make a real difference to help create a sustainable future. We want to develop with our employees by giving all of them the opportunity to make a difference. Together we are Chalmers!

People come to Chalmers from all over the world to work and study and companies want to collaborate with us. One reason is the high quality of what we do. But there is something else that appeals, something unique to all parts of our activities, a culture.

This culture means that we cherish our community and that all of us – students and employees – care about one another, about how we behave and about the well-being of our fellow students and colleagues. It also means that we stand up for certain values in all situations and that is something of the utmost importance to us.

This culture is based on our shared fundamental values: openness, inclusiveness, diversity, respect and quality. We also strive for generous terms, benefits and conditions that will enable a healthy work-life balance. An important part of this is to be a parent-friendly workplace.

A unique environment

Chalmers is the Swedish public’s most trusted higher education institution. We have 3,000 employees, 11,000 students and revenue of over SEK 4 billion and we combine world-class courses with excellent research, underpinned by a close relationship with industry and the surrounding community. As an independent university owned by a foundation, we have unique opportunities to collaborate with other stakeholders and break new ground. There is a multi-faceted, innovative organisation behind our successes.

Benefits and conditions

We want to promote a balance between your work and free time. Here you can read more about our benefits and conditions.

Improve and deepen your skills (career paths)

At Chalmers, employees can improve and deepen their skills in several ways. We offer a range of skills development activities such as training and seminars. Each category of staff has its own opportunities for skills development and career paths. Learn more about each category below.

Doctoral student

We believe that a key factor for success in your role as a doctoral student is to feel secure in your everyday life. This is one of the reasons why we employ all our doctoral students. There are clear salary levels and they are revised every year. We also offer a range of courses for doctoral students as part of our Generic and Transferable Skills (GTS) initiative.

Read more about doctoral programmes

Researchers and teachers

Chalmers is owned by a foundation, which gives us a different degree of freedom from state universities in Sweden. At Chalmers, there are two different career paths for academic staff. One is the traditional one; doctoral student, assistant professor, associate professor, professor and full professor. If you are employed in one of these positions, you are expected to take responsibility for Chalmers as a whole and contribute to research, education and utilisation.

The other academic track is the specialist track. This is mainly aimed at those who are mostly externally funded and want to spend most of their working hours on research and utilisation.

Take a look at our Appointment Regulations for Teaching and Research Faculty.

Technical/administrative staff

We have a wide range of technical and administrative staff with several career opportunities. As an employer, we strive to promote internal mobility for our staff. We also have opportunities for skills development, Erasmus exchanges and more.