Instructions for compiling an application for a research and teaching position at Chalmers

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The following instructions apply to the majority of the positions that are processed by the Faculty appointment committee and that are regulated by the Rules of Procedure - Chalmers University of Technology’s Appointment Regulations for Teaching and Research faculty (C 2021-0613).

Below are guidelines for how you should structure your CV so that it contains the information requested by the Faculty appointment committee and external evaluators. Your CV must be written in English.

For promotion and recruitment at Chalmers, teaching qualifications and merits must be documented in a pedagogical portfolio. If the position you are applying for requires a pedagogical portfolio, please use the pedagogical portfolio format. General information can be found in the document "Pedagogical qualifications in promotion and employment".

For positions that involve responsibility for examinations in undergraduate education (the bachelor and master levels), completed education in higher education pedagogy is required in accordance with SUHF's recommendations. When applying for promotion or employment, it must be reported in a special document, "Pedagogical training qualifications". Please follow the instructions in the document "Education in teaching and learning in higher education (SUHF)."