Information about teaching and research applications, incl postdocs at Chalmers

​Chalmers has been a private university since 1994, with Chalmers Foundation as the owner. Research and teaching are regulated by an agreement with the Swedish government, which means that Chalmers har appointment regulations for the teaching and research faculty instead of Higher education ordinance. Chalmers operates as a limited company and the President has the authority of a managing director to make decisions, for example, a decision to appoint a person cannot be appealed.


For questions about a specific position please contact the recruiting manager. You will find contact details in the advertisement.
For system support please contact Recruitmentsupport
Union representatives:
  • SACO: Peter Hellqvist
  • ST: Jean-Marc Orliaguet
  • SEKO: Johan Persson


Below you will find information about how to proceed with an applicaton to a teaching or research position

  • ​An important part of your applications is your CV, which will be evaluated by the Chalmers Faculty Appointment committee as well as external evaluators. You shoule use the Chalmers guidelines for a curriculum vitae when preparing your CV.
  • For promotion and recruitment at Chalmers University of Technology, pedagogical qualifications and pedagogical expertise should be demonstrated and verified separately in a pedagogical portfolio. The contents should be both qualitative and quantitative in nature, in order that a pedagogical expert as well as the Faculty Appointment committee is be able to make an assessment regarding  your pedagogical expertise.
    If you have been asked to submit a pedagogical portfolio please use the specified format for the Pedagogical Portfolio​ when you compile your pedagogical qualifications.


Position as postdoc

The objective of a post-doctoral appointment is primarily for the holder, in close association with (normally no longer than three years after) having taken a doctoral degree to gain research experience from an international, undustrial or other similar environment. A post-doctoral appointment can be a part of qualification for a continued academic career. The position is limited to three years.

The vacant post-doctoral positions are announced via Vacancies at Chalmers homepage​.

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