Working at Chalmers

​Chalmers has about 10,000 students and 3,000 employees. We have two campuses,  both situated in central Gothenburg and easy to reach by car or the public transportation system.

Fundamental precepts for us as an employer

We want all employees to have the opportunity to develop their skills and make a difference based on their work and areas of expertise.
  • By focusing on quality and development, we create a sustainable and equitable working life.
  • All colleagues contribute to maintaining Chalmers’ high standards of education, research, effective utilisation* and internal work. For this to be permanent, continuous quality development and innovative thinking on the part of all colleagues at Chalmers are needed.
  • We are working actively with diversity and gender equality to eliminate all discrimination in our organisation.
  • Chalmers’ vision: “For a sustainable future” distils Chalmers’ perspective on all employees. For our employees to deliver outstanding performance, they must be able to combine their personal and professional lives. Chalmers support this wherever we can to make that possible.
*Effective utilisation involves identifying our knowledge and then finding ways for that knowledge to benefit society.

Fundamental precepts for us as a university

As a university of technology and science, our mission is to produce and disseminate knowledge, expertise and solutions to the benefit of everyone, both individuals and society as a whole. This is made possible through course programmes that prepare our students for the future, research that is conducted at the international forefront, and close, open and meticulously crafted alliances with industry and the public sector. As a university and a widely recognised and respected partner, we can work with others to make a genuine difference in our pursuit of a sustainable future.

  • Our work has a firm scientific foundation.
  • We engage in free and open dialogue.
  • Our academic freedom and our responsibility ensure integrity and objectivity with regard to results, methods and publication of our research findings and with no restrictions on the choice of research topic.
  • We adopt a sustainable, long-term approach in our decisions and strategies.
  • Our conduct is ethical and sustainable – internally, locally and globally.
  • We are morally and intellectually independent of political, religious, ideological and economic power bases.

Page manager Published: Fri 26 Nov 2021.