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About Sweden

When you arrive in Sweden, you are coming to one of the most innovative countries in the world.* In other words, it is a  great place for you to develop. A country where your ideas are welcome and your expertise can have an impact.

Once you are here, you are bound to notice that Sweden is making a concerted effort to achieve gender equality and equality in all other respects.  This is a hallmark of Swedish society, along with another of the major advantages of living in Sweden: the efficient social welfare system, including universal healthcare, that covers everyone.

If you fall ill, you are entitled to high compensatory benefits, which also applies when you are on parental leave or need to stay home to care for your sick child.
There is much in Swedish society that is subsidised via taxes, especially with regard to expenditures related to your family. You pay nothing, or only minor fees, for schooling, childcare, dental care and travel by public transport for children.

You can read more below about what you can expect when you come to Sweden. Here you will find useful information about international schools for your children and other things that may be interesting to know before moving to Gothenburg. If it turns out that you will be joining us, there is also an opportunity to get assistance from Chalmers with relocation and finding a place to live. Welcome to Sweden!

*Global Innovation Index report

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