​Sweden has an extensive social welfare system. The Swedish Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) is the agency responsible for your benefits. The principle is that you should be able to afford being absent from work when necessary. This applies regardless of whether you are away from work because you have had a baby or because you or someone in your family gets ill. A large portion of your costs are subsidised in Sweden via tax revenue. Here are a few examples:
  • pay during sick leave
  • 480 days paid parental leave
  • free schooling
At Chalmers we seek to establish a good work/life balance. We want to provide you with the means to pick the best path possible in your pursuit of making a difference. Our ambitions in this area are reflected in the generous annual leave agreement, but also in many other areas, such as Chalmers’ favourable arrangements for you as a parent.

Working hours

We believe that your ability to regulate your own working hours helps make us a better university. Chalmers has two main working hours agreements.

This applies mainly to Operations Support staff. Fixed hours between 09:00 and 15:00 with a flexitime option at lunch and before and after the fixed hours.
Non-regulated working hours
This normally applies to teachers, researchers and doctoral students. “Non-regulated working hours” means that you can do your work when and where you choose, as long as it's in accordance with your assignments. Accordingly, you will have a dialogue with your manager about what is suitable.


Chalmers has generous benefits concerning leave. We want you to have the time you need to recover before returning to work.
Parental leave
As mentioned, the Social Insurance Agency pays your benefits while you are on parental leave. In addition, as an employee of Chalmers, you will receive supplementary benefits during 330 days of your parental leave until your child is 18 months old. If you are on full-time leave and your monthly salary is SEK 37,300 (the median wage), this benefit will be around SEK 3,800 per month.* At Chalmers, you also have the option to apply to work part-time all the way until the end of the school year in which your child turns 12.
Care for sick child
You have the option to stay home if your child gets sick, and for this reason Chalmers also supplements the benefit you receive from the Social Insurance Agency. If your monthly salary is SEK 37,300, you will receive compensation of about SEK 315 per day.* Read more about benefits available to you as a parent on the Social Insurance Agency website.
Annual leave and public holidays
We want you to rest so that you can come back with perspective and energy.
Your paid annual leave:
28 days up to and including the year you turn 29            
31 days starting the year you turn 30  
35 days starting the year you turn 40
You are paid full salary when making use of your annual leave which you can spend as soon as you start your employment. Paid leave is also granted for several (national) public holidays.
Sick leave
We want your full potential to be restored. That is why we try to institute early rehabilitation interventions and if you fall ill. We share the responsibility for your benefits with the Social Insurance Agency.
  • Chalmers pays 80% of your salary on days 2-14 in the period of illness.
  • The Social Insurance Agency pays your benefits starting on day 15 of the period of illness.
  • We supplement the benefits you receive from the Social Insurance Agency. For a person who earns SEK 37,300 per month, Chalmers supplements the benefits by about SEK 11,000 per month during the first year of illness.* If you are still ill after one year, you will continue to receive supplementary benefits from us, but at a somewhat lower rate.


Just as we look after your best interests during your working life, we also want you to have a sustainable life after you retire from Chalmers. When you work in Sweden, money is set aside for your pension at a rate of 18.5% based on salary up to SEK 39,062 per month.* In addition to this, we at Chalmers have options and benefits that will protect your security as a retiree.
Occupational pension
In practice, an occupational pension works like an additional, deferred salary so that you will receive more than the national pension when you exit working life.
Chalmers pays in 4.5 – 6% of your salary to your occupational pension. Depending on age, if you earn more than SEK 37,000 - 38,500 per month, additional pension contributions are paid on the portion exceeding that amount. The percentage varies here as well, but is between 30–60%, depending on factors including your age and length of service.
Survivor´s pension
Benefit that can be paid to your family if you pass away. The minimum benefit is  about SEK 4,500 per month for five years.*​
Salary exchange
At Chalmers, you have the option to save for a higher pension through a “salary exchange” scheme. This allows you to save part of your gross salary, on favourable terms, for your occupational pension. This way, you increase the occupational pension that your employer already pays.
Disability pension
If you become ill resulting in a permanent reduction of your capacity to work and receive special benefits from the Social Insurance Agency on that basis, Chalmers has an agreement with the National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV) that will supplement your income.


We want you to devote time to your well-being. We know that in the long run, your well-being is good for all of Chalmers, which is why we have several wellness benefits.
Wellness benefit
You will receive SEK 2,000 per year to spend on wellness and fitness activities.
Wellness hour
Chalmers gives you the option to engage in some form of physical activity during working hours, once a week.
Occupational healthcare
Chalmers has an agreement with an Occupational Healthcare provider, where you can seek advice and treatment for any job-related illness or preventive care which is provided by medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists and personal trainers. This is at no cost for you and normally you get an appointment within a week.
Occupational eyeglasses
You are provided a vision examination and occupational eyeglasses if you need them.
Pharmaceutical benefit
As a Chalmers employee, we reimburse your expenditures for prescription drugs until you have reached the high-cost threshold.
We want you to have proper protection during your working hours and as an employee, you are covered by several different insurance policies:
  • Business travel insurance - Coverage for a maximum of 365 consecutive days while you are travelling on business, including 14 days of paid leave taken immediately before or after the trip.
  • Occupational group life insurance - In the event of death, the insurance provides financial protection to the insured person’s spouse, registered partner or de facto spouse and children.
  • Occupational injury insurance - Covers injury or illness due to accident or otherwise caused by the insured person’s occupation.
The Job Security Foundation
We want you to have proper protection when your employment with us has ended.
If you have worked at Chalmers continuously for at least two years and your employment ends, the Job Security Foundation offers the following:
  • Support in finding a new job
  • Financial support
Registration and possible support are dependent upon the length and scope of your employment.

Other benefits

Employee portal
When you start working for us, you will be given access to our benefits portal, Chalmers plus. On the portal, we present an overall view of your benefits as well as a great many discounts on wellness/fitness activities and other consumer goods and services. Here is a small selection of our partners:*

  • Adidas
  • Apollo
  • Apple
  • Brothers
  • Electrolux
  • First hotels
  • Gina Tricot
  • Hertz
  • Philips
  • Ray-Ban
  • Samsung

* Totals, percentages, median salary and current collaborative partners as of May 2018.

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