Backside of computer.

Computation cluster at Revere

All research platforms at Revere are equipped with a multitude of various sensors producing hundreds of megabytes per second. 

Data collection and processing needs related to the vehicles at Revere is a growing trend and the lab has established computational capabilities close to the vehicles to:
  • Offload the data to post-processing systems.
  • Do first filtering and analysis steps already in the lab before the data is further processed at the various research groups. 
  • Provide instruments to cope with a data-lake, as Revere follows the design principle of "bringing the fisherman to the lake and not the lake to the fisherman" when handling the ever-growing data. 
The Revere computation cluster houses a state-of-the-art data storage system and a cluster of computing power spread over multiple systems with varying configuration levels and hardware acceleration capabilities. 
The computation cluster is linked in a safe and secure way to our platforms enabling us to add post-processing layers within our cluster and to automate specific tasks for all platforms. Data is also included in daily backups to Chalmers servers.

Page manager Published: Thu 06 May 2021.