Education at Revere

Revere contributes to the educational assignments of both Chalmers University of Technology and the University of Gothenburg, students are an essential part of Revere. The unique environment that Revere provides gives students the opportunity to explore and study systems independent of industry interests. The purpose is to give students an unconditional contact with complex vehicle systems and related technology, as well as a broader picture of the multifaceted environment that the region's industry constitutes. In all, this will prepare students for their future working life. Revere also wants to contribute long-term to help academically skilled students to a future in academic research. This goal is linked to Chalmers' overall goal of offering world-class education.

At the lab, students are involved in many top-notch research projects that exposes them to recent research activities in academic and close-to-industry collaborations. Revere involves students at different levels of their education, ranging from project courses at Bachelor level, to MSc thesis projects and summer schools for PhD students. The lab provides access to a broad scale of instruments and equipment, including a fleet of more than 40 1/14-scale miniature vehicles that have been designed and assembled at the lab, two Volvo XC90 SUVs, one FH16 tractor, an electrical self-driving racing car that competes at Formula Student Driverless and boats. All platforms are powered by the open source environment OpenDLV, a modular and highly portable software stack to power sensor-based and self-driving systems.

Revere conducts research for applications towards SAE Level 5, ie., fully self-driving vehicles, as well as how software for such complex systems is designed, implemented, maintained, deployed, and monitored. Students who join the lab gets first-hand experience in software and system engineering and other research challenges that are highly relevant to the vehicle and supplier industry. The lab also regularly organizes visits from high school and foreign students, where opportunities of enrolling in STEM-related study programs are discussed and encouraged.​​​​​

Page manager Published: Fri 07 May 2021.