Stockphoto of hands holding cogwheels to illustrate collaboration.

Collaboration at Revere

Collaboration is at the heart of activities and goals of Revere. The lab is a collaborative arena connecting vehicle research carried out in academia and corresponding advanced engineering activities in the automotive industry.

Revere aims to provide a platform where industry stakeholders and the academia collaborate to enable cutting edge research and break-through innovations. Real vehicle tests provide more credibility for the researcher’s theories and Revere’s set-up helps support interaction between researchers from different disciplines. Technologies, theoretical models, and algorithms can be developed and tested on real vehicles and in real traffic environments, or on the test track at AstaZero.

Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks are essential Revere partners. Both are involved in many of past and future research projects. They also provide the lab with vehicles used for testing.

Revere is also closely linked to SAFER – Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers​ - and serves as a connected research resource to Safer and its partners. Access to a full-scale vehicle laboratory is increasingly important for active safety research, automated driving and a connected, sustainable transport system. Västra Götalandsregionen provides funding for Revere. Our research infrastructure strengthens the regions investment in a world-leading vehicle cluster for sustainable transport and contributes to the already existing ecosystem of world leading automotive research and innovation in western Sweden.

Researchers and companies in the transport sector are most welcome to contact us with their ideas and projects, we help you to transform them from theory to reality.

Page manager Published: Fri 07 May 2021.