OpenDLV is an open software framework intended to run in autonomous self-driving vehicles. It's vehicle and vehicle type independent, and handles hardware communication, safety and override functions, sensor fusion, decision making, and visualization. With the premise that biological systems are still the best autonomous systems available, OpenDLV is inspired by such systems on the behavior and perception layers.

OpenDLV is highly distributed and is developed with deploya​bility in mind. New versions of the software can be easily deployed, in the form of a large number of micro-services, at the different nodes of the vehicular network. It is mainly written in C++, and is formally tested with focus on safety and data security.

The software is also supports seamless simulation, where the exact same software running in a real vehicle can be run in a 2D- or 3D-graphical simulation environment including simulation of sensors. Furthermore, the software can also be evaluated in miniature vehicles, working as a link between pure software simulation and real-world testing. 

Page manager Published: Tue 07 Mar 2017.