Case Examples

1. Cooperative Perception & Planning Platform (COPPLAR)

Several research groups at Chalmers University are involved in a new project called COPPLAR which is aimed towards automated driving. 

The purpose is to move towards our vision of a cooperative self-driving vehicle that can handle challenging city traffic and changing weather conditions. The focus is on using cooperation between vehicles to safely navigate complex inner-city scenarios. In this project, prototype vehicles (research platforms) will be built which are capable of handling the most prioritized scenarios and demonstrate cooperative self-driving in a controlled environment at the AstaZero test track. 

Revere is involved in building the platform using its resources and in the vehicle testing phase of the project. The long term aim is to develop a self-driving vehicle that can travel between the two campuses (Johanneberg & Lindholmen) of Chalmers University

Project Leader – Lars Hammarstrand

2. Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016 (GCDC)

Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) 2016 is an international event, supported by the European commission, in which teams display their unique solutions to tackle the challenges of cooperative driving while negotiating typical traffic scenarios. Vehicle-to-vehicle (and infrastructure) communication, Platooning & Intuitive decision-making are some of the important features to be judged during the course of this competition.

The competition was performed during May 2016 in Helmond, the Netherlands and Chalmers University participated with two vehicles, Volvo S60 and Volvo FH Truck.

Team Leader – Ola Benderius​ (Volvo FH Truck)

3. Active Dolly

Chalmers has several projects working towards long high-capacity transports, i.e. extra-long heavy duty vehicles. Performance of such combinations can be improved with an Active Dolly. The project aims at building up an active dolly and demonstrating by showing improved performance in critical maneuvers. 

An Active Dolly means a dolly with actively controlled steering with plans for self-propulsion at a later stage.

Project Manager – Bengt Jacobson


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