VLBI schedules

Onsala astro-VLBI schedule
> VLBI2015.txt
> VLBI2016.txt
> VLBI2017.txt
> VLBI2018.txt
> VLBI2019.txt
> VLBI2020.txt

Current EVN schedule
> EVN Disk sessions​ 

Onsala geo-VLBI schedules

VLBI networks

The European VLBI Network (EVN)

The European VLBI Network

EVN Status Tables

EVN Feedback Pages

EVN ftp fringe test results

EVN Call for proposals

The Global mm-VLBI Array

The Global mm-VLBI Array

International VLBI Service (IVS)

International VLBI Service for Geodesy & Astrometry


Local weather at Onsala Space Observatory (temperature, wind, humidity and pressure)

Weather forecasts, etc (page on the OSO web site with links to weather services)

Onsala: Geo VLBI and telescopes

Geodesy VLBI

The 20 m telescope

The 25 m telescope ​​​​​

Published: Tue 02 Jun 2020.