VLBI sch​edules

Onsala astro-VLBI schedules
> VLBI2022.txt
> VLBI2021.txt
> VLBI2020.txt
> VLBI2019.txt​
> VLBI2018.txt
> VLBI2017.txt
> VLBI2016.txt
> VLBI2015.txt

Current EVN schedule
> EVN​ (see under Block Schedule)

Onsala geo-VLBI schedules

VLBI netw​orks

The European VLBI ​Network (EVN)

The European VLBI Network

EVN Status Tables

EVN Feedback Pages

EVN ftp fringe test results

EVN Call for proposals

The Global mm-VLB​I Array

The Global mm-VLBI Array

International VLBI Servic​e (IVS)

International VLBI Service for Geodesy & Astrometry


Local weather at Onsala Space Observatory (temperature, wind, humidity and pressure)

Weather forecasts, etc (page on the OSO web site with links to weather services)

Onsala: Geo VLBI a​nd telescopes

Geodesy VLBI

The 20 m telescope

The 25 m telescope ​​​​​​​​​​

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