Astronomins dag och natt 2020
​Exoplanets, Chalmers scientists and radio telescopes on film at Sweden's Day and Night of Astronomy 2020. 
​NASA​ Ames/JPL/T. Pyle; Chalmers; privat; Chalmers/R. Hammargren

Exoplanets and Onsala on film: Chalmers celebrates Sweden's Day and Night of Astronomy 2020

​Chalmers' exoplanet experts and a new film from Onsala Space Observatory are among the highlights at national festival Astronomins dag och natt 2020.
​Sweden's Day and Night of Astronomy (Astronomins dag och natt) has theme "Earth 2.0" with a focus on exoplanets, and a program of events, both digital and in real life.

Chalmers astronomer Carina Persson is one of three invited speakers in the national digital program for the festival, to be broadcast on

Her colleagues Iskra Georgieva (Chalmers) and Oscar Barragán (University of Oxford) are also taking part in the digital program.

A new film premieres showing Onsala Space Observatory and its telescopes as they have never been seen before. The five-minute short film Onsala Space Observatory: aerial footage summer 2020, by Roger Hammargren (Onsala Space Observatory), will be shown for the first time at 13:15 CEST during the festival Saturday.

Times for festival events with connection to Chalmers on Saturday 26 September 2020:

11:35 Searching for Earth 2.0
Iskra Georgieva & Oscar Barragán. Lecture in English. Broadcast on and then available at Astronomins dag och natt's YouTube channel 

12:30 An astronomical journey in space
Swedish cutting-edge research from the Wallenberg Foundation. Film from the Wallenberg Foundation in which the astronomer Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen and the mathematician Robert Berman participate. The Swedish version is included at and is also available in English at 

13:10 Onsala Space Observatory: aerial footage summer 2020
Film by Roger Hammargren, Chalmers. Broadcast on and available after that at Onsala Space Observatory's YouTube channel.​

14:45 Exoplanets
Talk by Carina Persson. Broadcast on and available after that at Astronomins dag och natt's YouTube channel 

The festival's audio logo, seen and heard for the first time on September 24, also has a Chalmers connection. See it at YouTube at

The music is composed by Subramanyam Jaswanth, who did his Master's in radio astronomy at Chalmers in 2019 and whose thesis is the basis for a research article recently published in Astronomy and Astrophysics (

A (top) Sweden's Day and Night of Astronomy: with plenty of exoplanets courtesy of (insets) Carina Persson and her colleagues Oscar Barragán and Iskra Georgieva, as well new aerial footage of Onsala Space Observatory.
Sources: NASA Ames / JPL / T. Pyle (illustration); Chalmers and private (photos)

B: Still picture from the short film Onsala Space Observatory: aerial footage summer 2020 by Roger Hammargren. In the foreground is the round white radome that protects the observatory's 20-m telescope. All the observatory's telescopes can be seen in the film.
Photo: Chalmers / R. Hammargren

Published: Thu 24 Sep 2020.