​The Onsala Space Observatory (OSO) staff and instruments are involved in education at all levels from bachelor to graduate studies at Chalmers, and through organised schools. The regular university courses OSO is involved in are given by our host department Space, Earth and Environment at Chalmers. The department offers, together with other departments at Chalmers, two two-years master's programmes related to the activities at OSO:

  • Physics and astronomy
  • Wireless, photonics and space engineering

The programmes are open to Swedish and international students, and are taught entirely in English.

Summer schools for, e.g., PhD students are presented under Meetings (see link in left column).

More information about education can be found on Chalmers' web:

SALSA-Onsala ("Such A Lovely Small Antenna") are 2.3 m diameter radio telescopes built at Onsala Space Observatory to introduce pupils, students and teachers to the marvels of radio astronomy. More information about SALSA.

Published: Tue 03 Jul 2018.