Time and frequency

Onsala Space Observatory hosts two hydrogen maser clocks and one cesium clock, and contributes to establishing the official Swedish time and international time. Radio astronomical observations, in particular VLBI observations, also depend on these very accurate clocks.

The observatory's time keeping activities are a cooperation with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden through our adjunct professor Jan Johanss​on.

Contact pe​rsons:

Jan Johansson
Email: jan.johansson@chalmers.se, Phone: +46 31-772 5558​​

Rüdiger Haas
Email: rudiger.haas@chalmers.se, Phone: +46 31-772 5530​​​

Hydrogen maser clocks

The two hydrogen maser clocks at Onsala Space Observatory. Copyright: Gunnar Elgered

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