Kollberg Laboratory

The Kollberg Laboratory, a national laboratory in terahertz characterisation, is an unique laboratory for the development of technology in the hard to reach terahertz frequency range, i.e. frequencies of the order of a trillion cycles per second. The Terahertz range is attractive and offers applications including space exploration, future wireless communications and radar sensors, for example for a self-propelled vehicle fleet. The vision is to become one of the three most complete and advanced measurement laboratories for high frequencies, open to users from all around the world. A new generation of instruments allows measurements at frequencies up to and above one terahertz. The equipment is adapted to suit multiple research areas: materials, components, circuits, systems, and antennas for high frequencies. The National laboratory in terahertz characterisation started operations in the spring of 2015. The laboratory is heavily linked to undergraduate education at Chalmers and will educate and train new users continuously in measurement technology.

Published: Fri 13 Oct 2017.