Vision and purpose

The imaging mass spectrometry infrastructure at Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg aims to be an extensive molecular and elemental imaging platform with a focus on both bioimaging and materials science. The purpose of the infrastructure is to:


  1. Provide access to world-class molecular and elemental imaging technologies to researchers in academia and industry in accordance to the criteria set up by Chalmers research infrastructure: Principles and governance.
  2. Be World leading when it comes to instrument development and advances in multi-modal high resolution imaging creating new analytical possibilities and reaching beyond the traditional limits of for imaging mass spectrometry.
  3. Focus on new analytical approaches: optimizing analytical tasks for industry and academia engaging new users and making imaging mass spectrometry available for more users
  4. Continuously attract new users by outreach, industry site visits, workshops and conferences.

Page manager Published: Tue 26 Jul 2016.