About Us

To obtain and sustain the status as a Chalmers Infrastructure the facility fulfills the following criteria:

•Have a broad user base: be of interest and used by several research groups, from different divisions, at Chalmers.

•Be owned or controlled, fully or partly, by Chalmers, and organizationally and economically decoupled from research divisions. 

•Provide access to all Chalmers researchers. All researchers at Chalmers must be treated equally with respect to user fees and conditions.

•Provide user support in terms of training on how to use the infrastructure.

•Have a clear vision and purpose, with focus and limitation.

•Have a long term planning concerning its impact on research including the integration with education and innovation, and its development (keeping up with state of the art).

•Have a long term planning concerning financing, use, upgrades, evaluation and decommissioning.

•Have a clear and efficient management and organization.

•Be followed up annually, within Chalmers’ yearly planning process, with respect to the above criteria.


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Page manager Published: Fri 24 Nov 2017.