The oversight board will guarantee a national perspective on the operation and development of the platform. The board will be responsible for strategic decisions, including future priories and development of the service offered. The committee will be in charge of project selection. Project selection can however be outsourced to a selection committee.


Members of the steering committee shall represent the founder of the infrastructure, hosting universities and national experts in the field. There shall be at least one representative from Swedish industry on the board. The director will be co-opted to the oversight board.


The oversight board will meet every twice a year to provide feedback on the quality of operation and report to the host departments.

The Local Committee

The local committe is responsible for the day-to-day operations, project selection and administration of the infrastructure. The local committe currently consists of Per Malmberg, Aurelien Thomen and Michael Kurczy.

Page manager Published: Mon 27 Mar 2017.