NKS-B NORDICNANO Workshop and User Seminar

22-26 November 2021, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden


Seminar Venue:

The workshop and seminar will take place at Chalmers Johanneberg campus – located in Gothenburg on the west coast in Sweden.


The seminar consists of two parts:

22nd to 26th of November: SIMS workshop at Chalmers Johanneberg Campus and the Bioventure Hub, Mölndal (Very limited number of participants)

24th November: Invited lectures and presentations from participants, a combination of online (zoom) and on-site at Chalmers (Open for all)

Seminar Objectives:

The seminar aims to strengthen the education of MSc/PhD students and young scientists and to increase competence of staff involved to explore the application of SIMS techniques for different purposes in nuclear and radiochemistry fields.


The workshop will consist of a theoretical part focusing on SIMS principles and lectures from specialists on correlated techniques like AMS, ICP-MS, gamma and X-ray spectroscopy, electron microscopy. This will be followed by, and second practical part focusing on SIMS training focusing on data acquisition, data mining, data interpretations, isotopic imaging of radionuclides of a few samples along with certified materials or standards to demonstrate the capabilities of the SIMS.



Seminar Organizers:

Chalmers University of Technology/Göteborg University  

Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Technical University of Denmark  

Totalförsvarets forskninginstitut

University of Helsinki

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