Access to the infrastructure

The infrastructure is open to all researchers in academia and industry. Selection of academic projects will be done by the local committe based upon feasibility and scientific excellence. For projects that are more extensive, potential users are encouraged to contact the facility to discuss viability, relevance and feasibility prior to applying. User fees will be applied; industry users pay full costs while academic users are subsidized. Where needed reciprocal confidentiality agreements will be signed according to host university procedure. Academic projects are prioritized over industry projects.

We encourage you to an submit a proposal with a short description of your project. Please provide the following form as attachment:

Link to form

We will review the proposal and get back to you as soon as possible. This is to ensure project feasability and load balancing of the nanoSIMS.
In case of a conflict of interest it is possible to exclude a member of the local committe (except the lab manager) from reviewing a project, this can be indicated in the form below.

For the NanoSIMS we will have a very transparent cost structure. Due to the time demands of setting an individual analysis minimum charge for a user will be one analytical day. Everyone using the facility will pay for use based on one of the basic fee structures.

  • Using the NanoSIMS will cost 7500 SEK/day for all users at Chalmers University and University of Gothenburg.
  • External academic users will be charged 11000 SEK/day. 
  • Industry users will be charged 15000 SEK/day.
  • If extra time for data analysis, or data evaluation is needed the time of the engineer will be charged at 750 SEK/hour for all academic users or 1000 SEK/hour for industry users.
  • Costs for technical development will be billed when our expertise is used beyond normal running and data interpretation, and to keep it running at state of the art.


Obtained data is the property of the infrastructure until full payment of the analysis has been made.

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Published: Tue 28 Jun 2016. Modified: Thu 03 May 2018