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Single-Cell Measurements of Fixation and Intercellular Exchange of C and N in the Filaments of the Heterocyst-Forming Cyanobacterium Anabaena sp. Strain PCC 7120

Mercedes Nieves-Morión, Enrique Flores, Martin J Whitehouse, Aurélien Thomen, Rachel A Foster

Mbio, 12, 4, 2021

Subcellular Mass Spectrometry Imaging and Absolute Quantitative Analysis across Organelles
Aurélien Thomen, Neda Najafinobar, Florent Penen, Emma Kay, Pratik P. Upadhyay, Xianchan Li, Nhu T. N. Phan, Per Malmberg, Magnus Klarqvist, Shalini Andersson, Michael E. Kurczy, Andrew G. Ewing
ACS Nano, 14,, 2020

Singh, Sukhdeep and Andersson, Joel,
Heat-Affected-Zone Liquation Cracking in Welded Cast Haynes® 282®
Metals,1-11, 2020

Selda Kabatas,  Paola Agüi-Gonzalez,  Rena Hinrichs  Sebastian Jähne,  Felipe Opazo,   Ulf Diederichsen, Silvio O. Rizzoli and Nhu T. N. Phan,
Fluorinated nanobodies for targeted molecular imaging of biological samples using nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry,
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry,34, 1083-1087, 2019 (WITH COVER)

Lindgren J., Sjövall P., Thiel V., Zheng W., Ito S., Wakamatsu K., Hauff R.,Kear B.P., Engdahl A., Alwmark C., Eriksson M.E., Jarenmark M., Sachs S., Ahlberg P.E., Marone F., Kuriyama T., Gustafsson O., Malmberg P., Thomen A., Rodríguez-Meizoso I., Uvdal P., Ojika M. and Schweitzer M.H.,
Soft-tissue evidence for homeothermy and crypsis in a Jurassic ichthyosaur,
Nature, 564, 359-365, 2019

M. Walbrühl, Doctoral Thesis 2017, Unit of Structures, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
ICME guided development of cemented carbides with alternative binder systems
Doctoral Thesis 2017

Hannes Falk-Windisch, Per Malmberg, Mohammad Sattari, Jan-Erik Svensson, Jan Froitzheim,
Determination of the oxide scale growth mechanism using 18O-tracer experiments in combination with Transmission Electron Microscopy and nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Materials Characterization 136, 128–133, 2018

Konrad-Schmolke M., Halama R., Wirth R., Thomen A., Klitscher N., Morales L., Schreiber A. and Wilke F.D.H.,
Mineral dissolution and reprecipitation mediated by an amorphous phase,
Nature Communications, 1637, 1-9,2018

Jelena Lovrić, Per Malmberg, Bengt R. Johansson, John S. Fletcher, Andrew G. Ewing
Multimodal Imaging of Chemically Fixed Cells in Preparation for NanoSIMS
Analytical Chemistry, 88, 17, 8841-8848, 2016

Jelena Lovrić, Johan Dunevall, Anna Larsson, Lin Ren, Shalini Andersson, Anders Meibom,Per Malmberg, Michael E. Kurczy and Andrew G. Ewing
Nano Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Dopamine Distribution Across Nanometer Vesicles
ACS Nano, 11, 3446−3455, 2017



Kay E.I., Najofinobar N., Thomen A., Stulz R., Dahlén A., Pielach A., Ämmälä C, Andersson S, Kurczy M,

Endosomal escape of an antisense oligonucleotide revealed by NanoSIMS and TEM, SCANDEM 2019, Nordic Microscopy

Society, 11-14 June 2019


Penen F., Hoang-Philipsen M., Thomen A., Kurczy M., Ewing A. and Malmberg P., Quantitative 3D imaging of dopamine at suborganelle level by Nano

- SIMS : across the large dense core vesicle structure in PC12 cells, SIMS Europe,

16-18 September 2018

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