Micro and nanoprocessing technologies

Lectures schedule are preliminary set up as below
The lectures will be added up with 2 problem solving sessions; where appropriate problems for the different processing techniques will be scrutinized in more detail.
If anyone has some special wishes, we are open to discuss the content!

Course Curriculum Spring Term 2019​ (pdf)

Lecture overview VT 2019
Lecture 1 Introduction/Substrates/Diffusion (Ulf Södervall) 
Lecture 2 Thermal Oxidation, RTP and Implantation (Ulf Södervall)
Lecture 3 TCAD (Hans Hjelmgren) 
Lecture 4 Optical lithography; exposure modes-resist technology etc (Piotr Jedrasik) 
Lecture 5 Non-optical lithography; exposure modes-resist technology etc (Piotr Jedrasik) 
Lecture 6 Vacuum and plasma science (Mats Hagberg) 
Lecture 7 Etching; dry and wet processing (Karin Hedsten)
Lecture 8 Evaporation and sputtering (Mats Hagberg) 
Lecture 9 PLD-Pulsed laser deposition (Andrei Vorobiev) 
Lecture 10 CVD and Epitaxy (Martin Hollertz)
Lecture 11 MEMS (Karin Hedsten) 

Problem Solving Tutorial 1: Diffusion, oxidation, Thin film Deposition (Martin Hollertz)
Problem Solving Tutorial 2: Dry and wet etching, MEMS (Karin Hedsten)

For more info, contact course responsible Ulf Södervall​​​

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