Michal Strach joins CMAL as Research Engineer

​"In October I started working as a research engineer at CMAL, where I am responsible for X-ray scattering experiments."
​"​I have worked on X-ray diffraction and absorption in the field of material science for the last 6 years, at research institutes in France, Germany, and Switzerland. I specialize in in-situ high temperature scattering experiments in the studies of powders and thin films. I have also worked on approaches to study solvothermal reactions in-situ at elevated temperatures using X-ray absorption spectroscopy and small-angle X-ray scattering. I have experience in developing strategies for synchrotron experimental campaigns and proposal writing. I can treat large datasets generated at synchrotron sources, and design custom heating cells and various pieces of lab equipment (pneumatic syringes, cryo optical cells, motorized stages etc.). I am very excited to join the CMAL team, and I look forward to helping students and researchers at Chalmers in their experimental endeavors."

Page manager Published: Thu 09 Jan 2020.