FEI Titan 80-300

This is a field emission gun instrument with a monochromator for high energy resolution EELS (0.11 eV resolution measured on site and during day time). A high resolution energy filter 866 GIF Tridiem is mounted on the microscope. The condenser lenses have a spherical aberration corrector giving 70 pm resolution in high resolution STEM imaging and allowing high spatial resolution spectroscopy. The microscope has a bi prism for off-axis electron holography and a Lorentz lens for low magnification holography and magnetic field-free experiments. Tomography can be carried out in both TEM and STEM mode including high angle annular dark-field STEM. Holders for dynamic in-situ STM and AFM experiments and corresponding control unit from Nanofactory Instruments are available.

For more information, please contact Research Engineer Ludvig de Knoop​ or Stefan Gustafsson.

Instrument data:

•    Operating voltages: 80, 200, 300 kV
•    Field emission gun
•    Monochromator
•    Probe Cs-corrector
•    GIF Tridiem 866
•    US1000 CCD
•    Oxford X-sight EDS
•    HAADF
•    Tomography
•    Gatan cryo holder
•    Philips heating holder​

Page manager Published: Wed 16 Feb 2022.