FEI Tecnai T20

This is a 200 kV TEM/STEM with a LaB6 filament. The microscope may also be used at lower accelerating voltages, down to 80 kV. It is equipped with a high-angle annular dark-field STEM detector, an EDS system and software for performing tomography in both TEM and STEM mode. Holders for dynamic in situ STM and AFM experiments from Nanofactory Instruments are also available.

For more information, please contact Research Engineer Ludvig de Knoop​ or Stefan Gustafsson.

Instrument data:

•    Operating voltage: 80, 120 and 200 kV
•    Gun: LaB6
•    Gatan cryo holder
•    Philips heating holder​
•    Equipped with:
     - HAADF-STEM detector
     - Orius CCD camera
     - EDAX X-ray system


Page manager Published: Wed 16 Feb 2022.