Gatan Precision Ion Polishing System Model 691

The Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS) is used for thinning and/or polishing of samples for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis. Since the ion polishing process is rather slow it is important that the samples are pre-thinned by e.g. mechanical grinding and polishing or chemical polishing. The instrument is equipped with two Penning ion guns (PIGs) using argon (AR) ions for sputtering and polishing. The operating angles of the guns are ± 10°, and the accelerating voltage can be varied between 0.1 kV to 6.0 kV.

The typical starting thickness of the sample should be around a few ten microns. The PIPS can accept several different sample geometries but the standard shape of the sample is a 3 mm diameter disc.

For more information, please contact Research Engineer Stefan Gustafsson or Ludvig de Knoop​.

Instrument data:

•    Ion source: Ar
•    Accelerating voltage: 0.1 kV to 6.0 kV
•    Milling angle: ±10°


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