Fischione Low Angle Ion Milling & Polishing System Model 1010

The Fischione Ion Mill is used for producing TEM specimens with large electron transparent areas. Samples are pre-thinned by e.g. mechanical grinding and polishing or chemical polishing. The milling or polishing is performed by argon ions. The instrument has two independently adjustable Hollow Anode Discharge (HAD) argon ion sources, which can be operated from 0.5 to 6.0 kV with currents from 3 mA to 8 mA. The milling angle can be adjusted in the range of 0° to 45°. Tuning the milling parameters allows for coarse or gentle milling and the goal is to get clean samples free of physical or chemical artifacts.

For more information, please contact Research Engineer Ludvig de Knoop​ or Stefan Gustafsson.

Instrument data:

•    Ion source: Ar
•    Accelrating voltage: 0.5 kV to 6.0 kV
•    Source current: 3 mA to 8 mA
•    Milling angle: 0-45°
•    Equipped with cooling stage


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