Communication and Learning in STEM

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Are you interested in deepening the understanding of learning processes, interaction, and communication within higher education and the knowledge and information society, specifically regarding Engineering and natural sciences ? Then you should apply to the graduate school of communication and learning within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics).

The knowledge and information society contributes to a close relationship between communication and learning in STEM. Digitization and internationalization are two of the global paradigm shifts that graduate school is affected by. Digitization affects information behaviour, communication, and knowledge creation in all areas of society. Therefore, the development of the ability to access, create, integrate, evaluate, and communicate technology is needed. Internationalization and globalization in academia and the labor market result in accompanying demands for effective and conscious academic and professional communication, and expectations for multilingual competence and the ability to communicate interculturally.

Knowledge of the conditions for and the effects of these ongoing shifts is still limited, which opens the door for research that can contribute to increasing collective understanding. The graduate school addresses the research need by focusing on communication, language, and learning as necessary components to promote and manage digitalization, technological understanding, and internationalisation.

Although the graduate school's focus is communication, language, and learning in higher education, perspectives are also included that include the many (non-academic) organizational contexts where communication, language, and learning processes are. The graduate school offers two specializations with a particular focus on learning, either linked to communication and language, or in an engineering context. Both specializations have their basis in practical and applied research and offer collaboration with other postgraduate subjects within Chalmers.

The graduate school is organised within the department of communication and learning.