Advice and hints

  • Get in touch with a department and supervisor before you apply for a graduate position.
  • Get in touch with the heads of department and directors of studies of graduate schools to see what they have to offer, and what opportunities there will be to employ people taking doctorates in the future.
  • Preparing your degree project in the department you are interested in is a good way of getting to know researchers and acquiring the specialist knowledge within the specific area of research.
  • Bear in mind that departments from which you have not obtained your first degree can be interesting too. Research within the field of science often extends across departmental boundaries, and involves many researchers with varying academic backgrounds.
  • Vacant posts are advertised on  Vacancies, as well as in daily newspapers with national coverage and trade papers.
  • Graduate study can also be relevant to those of you who are already employed by a company. Interested companies should approach one of the Chalmers departments to discuss a research project and how the programme should be planned for any of their employees. There is often an opportunity for individual adjustments so that the programme can be conducted in a flexible manner.
  • Several general pieces of advice and hints as well as views on what it is like being a graduate student can be found in the Handbook for Graduate Students from the National Agency for Higher Education;

Page manager Published: Mon 01 Nov 2010.